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Blow dryer

2005(Intelligent temperature control BLDC dryer)

Model 2005
    Model No.2005


    125V 60Hz 1600W-1800W

    220-240V 50-60Hz 1800W

    1. Dimensions: L254* W200*H60 MM

    2. Accessories: 1 large hair nozzle + 1 small hair nozzle;

    3. Gear: 4-gears wind speed adjustment, displayed on the four bars of the digital tube; 4-level temperature adjustment, digital display at 60, 80, 100, 120 of the digital tube;

    4. Motor model: brushless high-speed motor;

    5. Weight: Around 350g (without accessories);

    6. With negative ions;

    7. Intelligent temperature control system, double protection;

    8. One-button hot and cold circulating air (press the temperature + or - button for two seconds);

    9. One-key reverse cleaning function (press the cold air key for two seconds in the off state)

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