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Popular Design BLDC Motor High Speed 1100000RPM Low Noise Hair Dryer

Time:2022-11-29 Views:67
The BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) Motor spins 20x faster (110,000 RPM) than traditional hair dryers and dries your hair in less than half the time.

The faster windspeed means that less heat is required to dry the hair quickly.

This protects the hair from damage making it great for color-treated hair as it promotes color longevity.

This professional hair dryer has been engineered with top-quality materials so that it lasts at least 10x longer 
than traditional hair dryers.

It is also relatively quiet when compared to lower-end hair dryers. Our loyal customers love the sound that comes from Europe, describing it as a ‘pleasant hum.

Additonally, this bldc hair dryer cleans itself. It has an Auto-Clean function, 
which reverses the spin of the motor to deep clean the filter.